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Consilium Capital Partners seeks to maximize the value of real estate assets by applying its vertically integrated  expertise across all disciplines, from sourcing to acquiring, to maximizing value, to monetizing – all with its hands-on, in-house operating team.


Our seasoned Investment Management team develops long-term investment strategies, targeting distressed and sub performing commercial and development loans and property opportunities. No investments are made without completing our intensive due diligence process and pro-active management to maximize performance

Due Diligence 

  •  Extensive property-level diligence performed site visits of assets, market / channel checks performed
  • Initial conclusions are validated – new issues are flagged
  • Ability to negotiate pricing based on more robust analysis 
  • Internal processes ensure that final pricing reflects all known risks


Asset Management


CCP Asset Management team is experienced in real estate lending, loan workout, finance, capital markets, investment banking, entitlement and development, property management, leasing, marketing and property sales.


Loan Workout


  1. Dedicated asset management team. – loan workout specialists assigned based on expertise / tenure
  2. Standard approach provides for value maximization CCP not encumbered by limitations imposed by need for relationship / capital preservation
  3. Results measured on individual basis – expectations based on facts / circumstances, not purchase price
  4. Expertise in value-add workout strategies and management.  

Property Management


Detail your services


Consilium Capital Partners has the tools and knowledge of real estate economics to help you rent, buy, or sell an investment property.  One of the best and lowest risk investments available today is income property.  However, maximizing the ROI of a real estate investment is more time consuming than many owners realize.  That's why the best approach is to utilize professional property managers who have years of experience, knowledge and training to maximize an investor's potential investment return. 

Investment Property Profitability


            We know that any investment property purpose is to create a profitable income stream and utilize our network to:

  • aggressively market your property  to potential renters or buyers
  • utilize all available online marketing tools to increase your property's exposure
  • set and collect rents to maximize profitability and reduce vacancies
  • carefully screen potential tenants

In addition, we keep you up-to-date on all transactions, including maintenance, rent  collections and expenses, through our state-of-the-art online accounting software.  We  understand that transparency and knowledge of all aspects of our services is extremely  important to our owner/clients and work hard to assure that our owners are confident in how we manage their investment.

Why Use Consilium Capital Partners


When it comes to income property management, we know that Consilium Capital Partners in affordable housing markets across the Unit States  is the best firm in the area.  We believe that once you give us a call, you will join other successful investors who believe they can't afford to be without our services.  

  • We execute profitable and  protective leases for both short term and long term needs
  • We'll oversee the maintenance of  your property to, not only keep tenants satisfied, but also maximize the  future value of the investment.
  • PPM will minimize your personal time and aggravation, while maximizing your income
  • We keep you up-to-date on the local real estate and rental market.  CCP will show you how your  property measures up to comparable properties in the area.

Property Management Services


Patriot Property Management has established a high standard for the property management industry by incorporating innovative processes and systems managed by a professional and experienced managers, maintenance technicians, and high level accountants. Our services and performance were developed from our 20+ years of experience and focus on meeting our customers expectations every single day.

As a full-service property management firm, we offer:


Aggressive marketing   and advertising of rental properties


CCP spends thousands of dollars every month on advertising our rental properties. We have negotiated exclusive contracts with the most effective  advertising mediums to ensure top placement and frequency. As a result, our  owners experience some of the highest occupancy rates in the industry.


Leases   and tenant placement


Our tenant leases  are compliant with all laws including those set forth by the Real Estate  Commission and all Fair Housing Laws as well as local state laws.


Rigorous credit, income and criminal screening


CCP makes every effort to find tenants who will pay rent timely and will take good care of   your property. We require all applicants to verify their income to ensure  they can afford the rent. We also run a background and credit check on everyone  who is over age 18 in the home. We follow all federal and state real estate  regulations to ensure you are in full compliance.


Regular property inspections


We inspect all  properties we manage on a regular basis to ensure they are being well maintained  by the tenants. These inspections are done by qualified maintenance personnel   who will inform you of any issues that need to be addressed to protect your  property from further damage. We will also inform you if we find any issues  with the property's plumbing, furnace, water heaters, air conditioners and other appliances.


On-line  accounting and financial reporting


PPM utilizes a web-based property management system. We provide our property owners with on-line access to view their financial   statements, collections and disbursements.  Customized reports are  available including tenant rental histories, work order history, property rental histories, and profit and loss statements. The information you need  when you need it!


Maintenance  coordination


In addition to   saving you money, PPM provides high quality and timely maintenance on your   property. Our in-house maintenance staff and preferred vendor relationships   will save you time and money and ensure the repairs are done in compliance   per the Florida Property Code. In order to protect your property and ensure   your tenants are taken care of, our maintenance technicians are available for  24-hour emergency service 7 days a week.


Collections of rent and other payments


Our collection  process is professional but tough and we are very diligent in collecting your  rent in a timely manner to ensure positive cash flow. We set the expectation early on so that the tenants understand that their rent must be paid on time.   In addition, as the rent payments come in, they are quickly disbursed to you  through electronic direct deposit or standard check.


Complete eviction processing


We follow proven and  standard practices when it comes to collecting rent but in the event a tenant   can no longer meet their rental obligation we will handle the eviction  process swiftly. Our property managers are knowledgeable in state and local  property management laws. If rents are not paid on time, we initiate the   legal steps necessary to collect rents and/or evict tenants. We handle the   entire eviction process so you won't have to.

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Better Housing Foundation Property Managed by Consilium Capital Partners

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Better Housing Foundation Property Managed by Consilium Capital Partners